Reseller Partners

CDC Arkhinéo works with a network of partner companies, whose skills complement our own, for even greater efficiency.


@GP is a leading publisher of EDI - WEB/EDI solutions in ASP mode. For their 1,700 customers supplying supermarkets and DIY stores and their security, @GP chose to add EDIFACT messages to CDC Arkhinéo’s Electronic Archiving System®.
@GP website

Archæon™ is the strong-room solution from IT company Avallone, a specialist in transaction security. Avallone also publishes surveillance solutions and the Wesafe™ backup plan, as well as electronic signature solutions for mobiles with Sign On Phone™.
Archaeon website

Specialised in handling sensitive data and paperless workflows for over 30 years, and with more than 2,000 employees around the world, Accelya is a major player in paperless billing.
Accelya offers Clear’ Invoice, an outsourced paperless billing service that allows clients to paperlessly invoice suppliers, customers and those within their organisation.
In compliance with French, European and international regulations, Clear’ Invoice adapts to different formats required by various stakeholders, combining different types of paperless documents and helping to roll-out projects, significantly reducing billing costs and optimising administrative processes for companies.
Accelya website

A cross-industry SaaS platform for signing, archiving and viewing contracts, electronic signatures, employment contracts, legal documents and reports, our SaaS platform is permanently accessible with no need to install anything in advance.
Validate, sign and archive online. With Axess Belink Solutions, you control your document flows.
Read your documents wherever you are and at any time.
Receive email alerts on your contractual deadlines.
Sign and read wherever you want, whenever you want!
Axess Belink Solutions website

As part of reforms to the French Public Procurement Code and the change to paperless procedures, provides a service publishing notices and consultation files for companies, as well as encrypting, transferring, receiving, sequestrating and counting their responses. In this way, is a trusted third party in transactions between public bodies and companies hoping to work with the public sector.
20 local authorities have already chosen CDC Arkhinéo for their archiving needs, including Puteaux, Lille, Toulon, the General Council of Charente Maritime, the General Council of la Sarthe, the General Council of Haute Normandie, the OPAC in Suresnes, the OPAC in Département 94, the HLM in Strasbourg, SNTAC Lille, as well as the purchasing department of the Caisse des Dépôts. website

B-process, an esteemed European operator in electronic billing, stands out for its ability to handle every kind of invoice, regardless of the size or technical scope of its trading partners. Its global paperless ASP platform offers value-added solutions, legally and technically certified by 2,500 companies across 18 countries, optimising their billing processes and reducing their costs by 60%. CDC Arkhinéo and b-process have launched the first European electronic invoice archiving system, which hugely simplifies archiving processes by providing solutions that are ever closer to the needs of international stakeholders.
b-process website