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CDC Arkhineo breaks into the Italian market through a partnership with the insurance broker FIT2YOU

Paris, June, 26th 2017 – FIT2YOU has thus become both a partner and a client of CDC Arkhineo, enabling the company to break into the Italian market.

FIT2YOU, the on-line Italian insurance broker, has selected CDC Arkhineo, the Caisse des Dépôts subsidiary specialising in confidential third-party archiving solutions, to preserve its contracts in a digital archiving system and also offer this service to its insurer partners, which can archive their contracts in their own dedicated space.

A solution specifically designed by CDC Arkhineo
FIT2YOU’s unique platform requires a high level of confidentiality to guarantee data protection and preservation for its clients and to ensure compliance. Signing 10,000 policies per year and managing over 1,000 annual claims requires a trustworthy partner like CDC Arkhineo.
In response to the specific requirements of this business, CDC Arkhineo has drawn on its innovative culture and designed, further to its Y archiving system already in place, a multiple archiving solution combined with an automatic document dispatching system based on a single contractual bundle, signed electronically via the DTM platform managed by their joint partner DocuSign. FIT2YOU is now able to commercialise, for the same clients, several insurance contracts subscribed with a number of different insurers combined within a single “bundle”.

CDC Arkhineo Sales & Marketing Director Philippe DELAHAYE said: “this technological solution constitutes a major step forward enabling us to respond perfectly to the specific needs of sector professionals. Brokers and insured parties are able to define the conservation duration for their part of each contract, based on their own archiving policy”.

FIT2YOU founder and co-owner Igor VALANDRO added “thanks to the digital archiving of our contracts, we are now able to optimise management costs, while also saving time in processing data and maintaining easy access to all of our documents”.

Italy is one of the main markets in Europe, which has recently opened-up since the European eIDAS regulations, which are contributing towards combining the 28 markets into a single digital confidence market including all EU member countries. The partnership provides FIT2YOU with a gateway into a major dynamic market, driven by the fact that the group is one of the only players offering this type of service in Italy.

More information about FIT2YOU : www.fit2you.it

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