The Company

Created in 2001, CDC Arkhinéo is a simplified limited company under French law (SAS) with a capital of 100.000 € owned at 100% by the Caisse des Dépôts.

CDC Arkhinéo, a  trusted Third Party Archiver  (i.e. an independant third party  between two parties who recognize it simultaneously and a priori as a guarantee of neutrality and objectivity for the successful completion of transactions ) is the leading French company for the archiving and long term preservation of electronic data.

With its Electronic Archiving System in SaaS mode, CDC Arkhinéo ensures  long term secure data storage of all kinds of electronic documents (invoices, contracts, pay slips, emails, etc.).

In fact CDC Arkhinéo is committed to all stages of the process: guaranteeing the preservation of documents in highly secure archiving centres (remote backup data centre located more than 450 kilometres from the two main sites in the Parisian region), guaranteeing the integrity of the data deposited, guaranteeing a high level of availability and guaranteeing full restitution of data at any time.

CDC Arkhinéois a member of the ADIJ (the French Association for the Development of Legal Information) and of GS1  has participated in the working groupin charge of the revision of the AFNOR standard Z42-013 and is regularly consulted as an expert.